Objective: Design a logo and brand identity for my personal design services.

Research: I wanted my logo to define who I was so I came up with for main adjectives that describe be as a person, those being: modern, sophisticated, active and particular. I wanted to then create four stationary-promotional items that can correctly represent me as a designer. So I researched a lot of different promotional type pieces and came up with a letterhead, envelope, eraser sleeve and a label to stick on recyclable materials.

Concept and Solution: Design four different promotional pieces that depict who I am as a designer. The letterhead and envelope are common pieces that show professionalism, the eraser sleeve shows that it’s okay to “mess-up” and erase things then the label/sticker to go on recyclable materials shows that I will go to great lengths to promote myself as well as adds a unique variety to how I can promote myself. 
I have an inclination for cohesive symmetry
developments that did not meet the final that I had envisioned
the branding
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