Develop a logo and brand identity for a company that defines itself as a reputable brewery and ciderhouse in the Chicago, Illinois area. The company, Eris Brewery and Ciderhouse will be a brewery and ciderhouse in the Chicago land area, coming to fruition in 2016. This is my attempt at creating a brand identity that may, or may not be used. 

My client, Michelle and the industry, which she is involved in, is small, local breweries known as "micro-brews." These breweries are redefining the beer industry into a creative way to be consumed by the target market, which generally consists of focusing on the area where the brewery resides. What I have learned by doing extensive research is that there are mass amounts of creative freedom and qualities. The designs, color schemes and other factors coincide with a theme and vicinity.

Concept and Solution
Develop a logo and brand identity for a company that defines itself as a reputable brewery and ciderhouse in the Chicago, Illinois area. Her ideas include gothic themes mixed with Greek and Roman mythology. The artistic style needs to be chaotic, yet sophisticated. The premise needs to revolve heavily around the goddess known as "Eris", everything should relate to this in some form or another. This will include but not limited to creative stories and plots derriving from the mythology relating to Eris. The ideology must be seen by the customers as well as approved for all age groups, as this will also be a place that serves food. 

Brand Message
Quality products and customer satisfaction.

Target Market
Beer/Cider Connoisseur: These people will be drawn to Eris because of their love and passion for beer and cider. The main appeal to this segment will be the large number of hard-to-find beers and ciders that would be available at the establishment. 
Professionals: The general bar-attending public. This group will be drawn to the bar after work to relax in a friendly and classy atmosphere. These people will also return at night for the night-life scene. 
College Students: The students from the surrounding colleges in the area. More bargain marketing will be aimed at this segment of the market during the night-life hours. 
Colors associated with the types of beer/cider next to the neck labels
3 Logo styles used with the types of color background associated
Eris, with location on a painted canvas
Goddess of Strife pale ale promotional poster, dimensions: 11"x17"
Daughter of Dark Night chocolate stout promotional poster, dimensions: 11"x17"
Golden Apple of Discord cider promotional poster, dimensions: 11"x17"
Goddess of Srife 6 pack carrier.
Daughter of Dark Night 6 pack carrier
Golden Apple of Discord 4 pack carrier
employee shirts screen printed in brand colors
Developmental Work
progression of logo design concepts
developmental sketches
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